FPL Transfer Spy

Kammy keeps track of your opponents' Fantasy Premier League teams, predicting their transfers before the next gameweek deadline.

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What? Why?

Learn opponent transfers in advance. Although you can't see an opponent's team until after the gameweek deadline, you can see their up-to-date transfer count, team value and money in the bank. By observing changes in these values, Kammy predicts your opponent's transfer before it becomes public.

Follow the veterans. Track the moves of veteran managers such as Ville Rönkä and Mark Sutherns for inspiration.

Detect chip usage. Kammy detects a manager's activation of their wildcard or Free Hit chip, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Shouldn't I just play my own game? Some managers care more about their minileagues and cup campaign than their overall rank. You may wish to consider buying different players to opponents in order to obtain a differential.

Preview Release

Kammy is under active development. This is our MVP release in order to gauge user interest.

At present we only have data for a hand-selected set of minileagues. Tweet us to request the addition of your leagues or suggest features.

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Coming Soon

Support for multiple transfers. Kammy only supports predictions where a team has made a single transfer. We plan on taking things further, offering predictions where your opponent has made multiple transfers (either in one go, or spaced apart).

League view. View a page of all teams in your mini league, giving you a high-level view of who's made transfers or activated a chip.

Track more teams. We'll start tracking all teams in the top million.

Notifications. Receive an email when someone on your watchlist makes a move.

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